DSC_0001I drove up behind someone with the vanity license plate that read, “GODGOTM” in big bold letters. I tried to snap a photo of it, but the light changed before I could reconnoiter all my technology (couldn’t get to my cell phone camera app in time). I guess you’ll just have to trust me on this.

I spend a lot of time on the roads of Northern Virginia scoping out vanity plates and trying to decipher them. This particular one is intriguing (at least to me). What did this gal (or guy) mean? At first glance (which is what I’m going with) it appears that God got someone…M.

So who is “M”? Does that mean God got ‘em, as in them? Does it mean God got someone the owner of the car didn’t like? Was someone struck down by God after they committed some sort of road rage? Does M stand for Michelle or Mickey or Mike? Or—and this is what I hope is meant—God got me (the owner of the car).

People admit a lot of things on vanity license plates. Mine says “OR8” which stands for orate (what I do a lot). It seems quite clear to me what it means. But in the three or four years I’ve had it, it was only about a month ago that I finally ran into someone who understood it without a labored explanation. A young man helped me carry my groceries to the car (yes, I’ve apparently arrived in my golden years). As we were about to stow the food, he looked at my plates and asked, “Are you a speech writer?” I almost gave him a tip (don’t judge me).

But back to Mr. GOTM. If God HAS this person, what does that mean? Do they admit it beyond the bumper of their car? Is their faith something they merely convey on a bumper sticker, or is it lived out in the center of their life?

For many people, the extent of their service to God hangs on their back bumper. As long as they are making that great public witness, they’re cool…right? I’m afraid a lot of us have gotten to that point. As long as we somehow acknowledge a Creator of some sort, we’re covered. As a famous singer once asked, “Is that all there is?” It looks great in the church parking lot, but does it translate any further into life?

It seems to me that, whether you have a cool license plate like mine (and Mr. GOTM’s) or not, you are called by God for a purpose. I’m not sure if the cool plate enters into it, but I suspect it goes way beyond it for sure. Ya think I’m onto something?

By the way… If Mr. GOTM is reading this, please don’t take offense. We’re sure you’re the servant God has called you to be. Nothing personal… And could you please let us know exactly what that means?


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  1. Keep these coming – I’m always intrigued by the way your mind works and how you express those thoughts. You write like you preach – just plain and down to earth but always thought provoking.

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