11781780_10153459508994631_8937820042308412817_nLike many people, I have a bucket list. Since I’ve entered my “golden years,” the “autumn of my life,” or “sunset valley,” (take your pick) I’ve become acutely aware of the things I’ve yet to check off. Well, I just checked another one. My wife has allowed me (she hates when I say that) to buy a Jeep Wrangler. I’ve wanted one for a long time, and now that I’ve retired from my day job, it seemed like the right moment to pull the trigger.

Not only that, it seemed like a good deal. She’s a cherry (at least that’s what the used car salesman told me). After looking for a long time and doing my homework, it appeared to be a good buy. Only time will tell. As far as I’m concerned, purchasing a used vehicle is always a crapshoot. At least this time, the price was right.

We picked her up on a Friday evening and didn’t have a good opportunity to try her out properly. Saturday was a different story. It was a beautiful day, low humidity, and a temperature of 88º. So we dutifully removed the ragtop from the Jeep and headed out for a spin.

We weren’t on the road very long before we realized we should apply a little sunscreen. Old Sol was bearing down, and there was absolutely no protection. So we stopped and picked up what we needed. Going topless, however, makes one thirsty. We also decided to pick up some chilled beverages. The trip was beginning to get a little expensive (after all, we had just purchased a vehicle and our funds were somewhat depleted), so we headed back home. Besides that, we were dog sitting for our daughter and her husband, and we didn’t want the poor pooch to go unattended for too long.

But for those few moments, we were exposed to the elements. We were experiencing the exhilaration of freedom, the wind in our hair, the thrill of the hunt (I just threw that last one in there to complete the triad). We now know what it’s like to go four wheeling (well, no we didn’t go off road, but there was a lot of traffic—it IS northern Virginia after all). Oh the glory of it all!11169484_10153461110469631_6431196354476680442_n

Now if we could just do that with our faith—go topless I mean. Expose ourselves to the elements of life…feel the wind of the Holy Spirit on our faces…become as free as Jesus wants us to be… But we seldom do that. We play it safe and easy. We hide in our little cocoons. We go where no one has gone before…NOT!

Ours was a short ride last Saturday. We only experienced a little of what the future may hold. But it was a start. There’s a great verse in Zechariah that admonishes us not to despise the “day of small beginnings.” Get out and do something small for Jesus. Who knows where it will lead.

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