The FB Challenge

Recently, the whole Bruce/Caitlyn/Bob/Carol/Ted & Alice thing has been big all over the news, and consequently, all over Facebook as well. Apparently one must have a strong opinion one way or the other or one isn’t cool (or something). Frankly, I could care (which loosely translated means, “I don’t care”). It’s not that I don’t care about Bruce (or Jennifer, or whatever his/her name is at this point)—I care very much. But I’m not interested in joining the fray. I’m interested in people, what makes them tick, and how they’re getting along in life and in their relationship with God. But as far as the public debate about someone’s personal life, leave me out of it.

jennerThere is one point people are making that does interest me, however. Several FB placards have shown up which basically state that Jenner is touted as courageous and a hero because of what he/she has done. That fact is juxtaposed against the fact that Tim Tebow was basically booed and scorned for stating that he loves Jesus. He was not touted as a hero or for being courageous. He was vilified for coming out of the faith closet.

I remember a few years ago when the Tebow thing was going on. Part of the complaint was that all people heard from him was Jesus this and Jesus that. He would be asked about a touchdown pass and part of his answer would be to thank Jesus. People just didn’t want to hear it. Well folks, what’s new about that?

Tim_Tebow_TebowingJesus was quite clear about people hating his followers because of him. I’m not sure why we’re surprised and offended. Jesus told us this would happen in no uncertain terms. If our culture lionizes people whose actions, lifestyles, or speech is questionable to us, we should be ready for the other side of the coin to be displayed.

The real challenge (and the reason for the title of today’s blog) is our response. Facebook is probably the most visible and visceral place for this to happen. The response of the church as far as I can see has been one of disgust, anger, and attacks on the person, the media, and the culture. While I think Christians should take a stance on the things they believe to be anti-Biblical, it would seem to me that ours could be a positive one. Instead of becoming venomous, let’s follow the lead of Jesus who sent out his disciples telling them they needed to be as innocent as doves and shrewd as snakes. In other words, do what I sent you to do, and do it in love.

The Facebook challenge (as well as the social challenge in general) is to be a dove without becoming a milquetoast. Take a stand without being ignorant about it. Believe and live the things Jesus taught and leave the other stuff alone. Is that so hard for us to do?

2 thoughts on “The FB Challenge”

  1. Great blogging!
    Alot of key points tying current events to age old prophesy.
    We need to recognize what’s going on has been long foretold.
    We need to get smart, smartphones have made us dumb.
    When you get berated for faith, ya must be doing something right, like standing for the truth.
    Now, lets see if we can discern what to focus on and what to leave alone. Here’s a good one;
    while we are quarreling about flags and Brucie and cop hating, Our prez was making a deal with the devil in Iran.
    the media knows how to keep us busy with their distractions.

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