When Is Trash Time?

I live in a place, as I suppose many of you do, that has a covenant. The HOA (Homtrashe Owners’ Association) makes the rules. You know—what’s the earliest time you can put out your trash, how many cars can you park in your driveway, what color can your front door NOT be—things like that. I kind of chuckle when we call it a covenant. Technically, I have a say. Frankly speaking however, I’ve never exercised my right to say anything. The reason I don’t is because the HOA has a better idea than any of my pet peeves.

It’s not unlike Biblical covenants. God lays out the covenant and I let Him do it (in a manner of speaking—plus, I realize I’m not going to stop Him even if I wanted to do so). In other words, He knows a whole lot more about what I really need (and frankly want) than I do. I believe that, so I trust that.

Going with my theme of Local Church Prisoners, it is apparent to me that we’ve become Biblically illiterate to a major degree. That illiteracy adds to the thickness of our prison walls. We don’t seem to understand (or care) about covenantal history, which is a major part of the Scripture.

Our covenantal history is the framework of the Bible. It’s deeply woven into the fabric of who we are. Unfortunately, if we consider it at all, it’s usually as a means to an end. But it’s not. The end game is to be in covenant with God Almighty. In fact, I’ve heard it pointed out (and I believe it to be true) that everyone on the face of the earth is in covenant with God.

How can that be? A lot of folks don’t even believe in God. It’s a little like my HOA covenant. I’m sure I have a lot of neighbors who are oblivious to our covenant. Yet they’re still in covenant relationship with me, like it or not. So all human beings are in some kind of covenant with God. It’s either a covenant of works or a covenant of grace.

We already know from Scripture that a covenant of works hasn’t got a chance of fulfillment. I don’t know anyone who can live up to it. Every one of us will break that covenant before the day is out. We can’t give enough, do enough, or obey enough to earn our keep before a perfect God. So the only way it can work is if He does it for us.

That’s where the covenant of grace comes in. A covenant of grace has a mediator—someone who can fix what we’ve broken. Only Jesus can do that. He’s our mediator sent by God. We know that and give it lip service. Yet the church so often ignores the covenant of grace and tries to live by works. Will we ever learn? No wonder we find ourselves behind spiritual bars.

4 thoughts on “When Is Trash Time?”

  1. HMO—-Sorry no blue doors allowed! No Red doors allowed!
    Two cars only! Must be in excellent condition, and
    Etc/Etc/ and so on!
    Give and inch they take a yard, then a mile, then forever!
    Pretty soon you will have,
    HMO—-Sorry no God allowed in here! Believers must get out.

    My point is you don’t have to ever fight with God, but you
    do have to fight for him.
    There are not enough people fighting for him. I am only one
    pain in the butt. I alone will only ever be considered just that,
    a pain in the butt! I will never give up! I will continue until I
    am dead.

  2. Lets form a bible based “The Masters Planned Farming Community”. Every rule reduced to guidelines by grace. Write a biblical worldview HOA means “Husbandman Occupational (Alpha-Culture) Association”.

    Vinedressers; hear His voice, come and labor in the field as did your forefathers in Sumer. Remember; last is first, serve or be served. Sell every wall and marketplace, send the bride to buy a field, build and dwell, plant and eat, feed 7,000 from this place and make ready His bride.

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