And the Winner Is… (Or May I Have the Envelope, Please?)

Pat BradyWhen we last left our hero, he was dangling at the end of a participle (sorry…my feeble brain couldn’t come up with a better way to begin). In our last episode, I was offering each of you a chance to win a copy of my new book, The Last Wedding. If you didn’t know that, it means you haven’t been following along very closely (see what happens when you don’t pay attention?).

There were two ways to be a winner. One was to name my newly acquired Jeep. Another was to be the first to fully ID Pat Brady. Both objectives were admirably met, and I’m forever grateful to each of you who participated.

Just so no one gets left out, I also want to thank those of you who at least thought about it. I know what that’s like, because I do it all the time. I think long and hard before I act, and when I finally pull the trigger, it’s too late. The real kicker is, some of you will read the winning name and say to yourself, “my idea was way better than that one!”

Sorry…time’s up.

The King of the Cowboys

Let’s begin with Pat Brady. Pat was a singing cowboy. He was part of a singing group called the Sons of the Pioneers.

I most remember him for his role on the Saturday morning Roy Rogers Show that aired from 1951 through 1957 (make you feel old?). Roy was dubbed “The King of the Cowboys” by someone (most likely himself).

Brady was Roy’s lovable and goofy sidekick. What might be most memorable about him was his trusty Jeep, Nellybelle. While everyone else was riding horses, Pat was buzzing along in Nellybelle. He spoke to her like Steve Guttenberg spoke to Johnny Five (if you don’t know that one, you’ll have to Google it—no time here to explain).


Elaine was the first to identify Pat, but Dennis added that Brady drove a Jeep. For some reason, I’m feeling uncharacteristically generous, so I’m going to send each of them a copy of The Last Wedding. The print version of the book should be in my grubby little hands in a couple of weeks or so.

That brings us to our big winner…our creative genius…the head honcho of Jeepdom. I can honestly say I liked all the entries. I wish I had a couple dozen Wranglers in the garage so I could use some of these names (actually I wish I had a garage that could hold a couple dozen Jeeps).

And the winner is…

Our golden winner is Dawn who came up with the name “Meggie.” When you read the book (which I can assure you Dawn has not done), you’ll see why she was a shoo-in. Congratulations Dawn. You’re quite intuitive.

To the rest of you, please read the book when it hits the market. It will explain everything.



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