Are You On Page 65? (or Dream a Little Dream with Me)

thought-bubble-305444_1280I recently read an article by a writer who said he invariably hits writer’s block early in every project. When this happens, he moans and groans to his wife about it. Finally on one occasion after this had happened several times, his spouse asked him, “Are you on page 65?”

She had noticed a pattern. So he looked, and sure enough, he was on page 65. He would start out with a great idea, confidence, and reckless abandon, only to get to a point where he hit a wall. Once his wife pointed this out to him, he knew everything was going to be okay, and he could move on.

Frankly, I think we’re all like that author. We have a dream we think is worth pursuing, then we hit page 65. In other words, something gets in our way. We hit a snag, and we struggle.

The difference between us and our author is many of us quit at that point. We see an obstacle, we become discouraged, and we convince ourselves it’s not worth the struggle anymore.

There’s a famous passage in the Book of Joel that says the “old men will dream dreams and your young men will see visions.” It seems to have been spoken at a time when Israel was on page 65.

board-240136_1280I think at least some of our dreams are from God. These are ones that never really fade away. They always hang around in our subconscious. Sometimes it’s tough to discern which ones are from the Lord and which ones are from the pizza we ate late last night.

But discern we must (at least that’s my thinking). More often than not, we’re likely to look at our situation and pronounce our vision for the future to be a pipe dream, a lark, or impractical. I say, not so fast!

How many lives have lost their luster because dreams were laid aside, never to be resurrected? How many discoveries have been buried beneath fallow ground because we refused to dig? How many profitable ventures have never been realized?

As I enter the waning years of my life, I have purposed to begin living out some of the dreams that have lain dormant in my psyche. I figure, what the heck! I may as well go out with a flash. Even if they turn out to be from somewhere other than God, I won’t be any worse off than I am now. Plus I’ll always wonder what would have been.

The profit Joel told his people to “sound the trumpet in Zion!” In other words, wake up. Live the dreams that Yahweh has given you. Get past your moaning and complaining and just do it.shield-293172_1280

I’m excited about my remaining years, because I think they’re going to be dynamite. I implore you—come and live the dream.

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