Michael Vick and the Church Triumphant

Growing up (and to this very day), the Pittsburgh Steelers have been my favorite NFL team. That would be Picksburg Stillerz to yinz from the Steel City. And for you non-fans, NFL stands for National Football League (don’t want to leave anyone behind—this is really important stuff).

Recently their backup quarterback was injured. Their choice to replace him was the best guy left on the market at that late date. That guy was Michael Vick.dog-720906_1280

Even you non-fans probably know MV by reputation—not a very good one, I might add. He was arrested, prosecuted, and served time for his involvement with a dog-fighting ring. But you can look all that up on your Google Machine.

Now let me remind you. Vick’s malicious escapades were made public back in 2007. I’m not a big math guy, but according to my calculations, that was eight years ago. Yet it seems that, eight years later, all is not forgiven (let alone forgotten). I kinda hope I’ve been forgiven for stuff I did eight years ago. In fact, I hope I’ve been forgiven for stuff I did last week, for Heaven’s sake (see what I did there?).

The Steelers are normally known for their high moral standards as an organization. Unfortunately, the word, “high,” is a relative term. In the NFL, “high” places them somewhere between politicians and used car salesmen.


We have a star quarterback, a star running back, and a star linebacker who have been forgiven of various and sundry forms of gross misbehavior (to put it mildly). Could this be called selective forgiveness (as in selective hearing)? Or can we simply chalk this up to the fact that we are now a “dog nation” as someone once put it?

I’ve never been known as a big animal guy (although I was a college biology major). I’ve had two pet dogs  in my life. One of the reasons I don’t have one now is because my heart still aches when I think of those two (RIP guys). I really don’t want to go through losing another one.

dog-472071_1280So I really do understand when some Steeler fans pronounce that they are no longer fans. I understand the venomous comments spewed when the subject is broached. In a pre-season game, Vick’s first official pass as a Steeler was a 63 yard bomb. Someone tweeted, “Yeah, but how many dogs did he kill on the sidelines?”

I understand, but I can’t relate. I can’t relate because I’m a lousy, scumbag sinner just like the rest of humanity. I’m undoubtedly capable of doing much worse than Vick (although admittedly, I can’t imagine). If I don’t forgive him and allow him to improve his life and move on, how can I expect the same from others toward me?

So I say to you Michael Vick, for what it’s worth, “I forgive you.” Besides—anyone married to someone named Kijafa Frink can’t be all bad.

4 thoughts on “Michael Vick and the Church Triumphant”

  1. Thank you for speaking truth into this situation. The concept of forgiveness is still remarkably surprising to the world. Steelers is acting as a “City of Refuge” for the NFL. 🙂

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