Pumpkin Spaghetti Sauce

It’s October, it’s autumn, it’s harvest season… You know what that means. It’s all pumpkin all the time. It used to mean lots of pumpkin pie. Then someone added pumpkin bread. Then there was an explosion.pumpkin-isolated

Coffee shops with pumpkin lattes, salons featuring pumpkin spiced hair, and stores with pumpkin scented lotion. I went grocery shopping and saw some pumpkin spaghetti sauce (no, I didn’t buy it). Is anyone a little pumpkin weary at this point?

There’s an old saying, “You can never get too much of a good thing.” There’s another old saying that goes, “You can get too much of a good thing.” Imagine that.

We can’t make up our minds. I’m in the boat with everyone else. I love pumpkin. I didn’t think I could get too much of it. I was wrong.

Pumpkin Spaghetti Sauce sounds intriguing.

I must admit. The Pumpkin Spaghetti Sauce intrigues me. I may even try it one day. I’ll have to be in the proper state of mind, however.

What is it about we humans? We love to jump on the bandwagon. If something works, we exploit it. If something tastes good, we have to overdo it. If something becomes stylish, we have to fill our closets with it. Is there no end?

I know by now, some of you are asking yourselves, “How is he going to relate this to the church?” Well, here goes.

We do the same thing in the church. If something works for the church down the street, we have to do it. I don’t know how many times over thirty-five years of pastoral ministry I’ve sat in meetings and heard this mantra.11999659_1063107853700084_1851421374755003260_o

“It worked for them, it will work for us.” “All the other churches are doing it, so should we?” “That looks like a cool ministry. Let’s try it!” It’s the pumpkin harvest all over again.

We are such followers. I guess that’s the nature of sheep. But how about we follow Jesus instead of the flock down the road? Do you think it might be a good thing to have an original thought? Might we take a slightly different path than “what worked for them?”

“A lot of church traditions began when we saw a need…”

A lot of church traditions began when we saw a need, worked to address it, and filled that need. It was such a success; we had to do it every year (whether the need still existed or not). Then the church down the street had to copy it because it looked like a successful program. Then the entire denomination adopted it as a mission program because…well, who knows why? But obviously, everyone should do it.12182763_1003345439685612_8139003419264814306_o

We’re the church. The Great Shepherd leads us. We’re wired to meet needs and serve others. Needs change and causes rise and fall. Yet, we often are plugged into the same program we’ve been doing for twenty-five years.

What say we all make some pumpkin spaghetti sauce and sell it to fund our building program? Who’s with me? (Sorry—got carried away…)

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