Ezra and the Big Soapbox

When I retired from my full-time day job, I assumed I would have more time on my soapboxhands. I could spend my days woodworking, learning a language, and visiting grandchildren.

That was not to be, however. Just before my so-called retirement, I began writing a book. I found that to be quite an enjoyable challenge—almost surprisingly so.

Before I was finished, another book began floating around in my head. It seemed like a no-brainer to move on and write it as well. I’m an old man with something to say. Why not say it.

So now I’m an author. It seems weird to say that after all these years of calling myself an accountant. Now when folks ask me what I do, the answer has changed. I say, “I’m an author and preacher.” It took awhile for the author thing to begin rolling off my tongue. Yet, writing is what I do every day.

I thought writing my first book would be the biggest challenge I would face. As it turned out, that came rather easily compared to what came next. I realized the book didn’t do much good sitting on my computer. So I went about the task of publishing. That was much more challenging (and a whole lot less fun) than writing. But even that wasn’t so bad compared to what was going to happen next.BookMouse

I wrote the book because I had something important to say. However, it would only reach its fulfillment if someone read it. It had to be promoted. No one prepared me for this little challenge. I’m an author and now a publisher. Unfortunately, I have to be a promoter too, or it’s all for naught.

I won’t go into all that’s involved with promoting a book. Volumes have been written on that subject (literally). But I will tell you it’s hard. It’s particularly hard when you’re a Christian.

It’s hard because there is a myriad of things you have to do that are simply mundane. They take time—time I’d rather spend writing. It’s doubly hard because, as a Christian, I feel uneasy about promoting myself.

I’d rather promote Jesus.

It’s tough enough to maintain a humble posture without having to somehow tell people you’ve got this great product they should read. Who am I to say that? But my writings are about the one I really want to promote—Jesus.

Then I was reminded of Ezra. Ezra was helping in the task of rebuilding the Jewish Temple. He was a teacher of the law. As such, his responsibility was to get the word out. So on one important occasion, a large platform was built so he could be seen and heard by all the people. Lives were changed that day.

lecternAs much as I dislike building the platform, I have an even greater desire to get the word out. So, like Ezra, I build the soapbox, stand on it, and proclaim Jesus. I pray someone will hear and lives will be changed. Thanks for listening.

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