Soldier Girl

My oldest granddaughter just arrived in Korea. She’s in the Army and will be gone about a year. Have you ever experienced this type of thing? I imagine you have to one degree or another.SoldierGirl

It’s a weird feeling knowing she will be so far away and won’t be coming home for so long. Even though we lived quite a distance from each other when she was in the States, at least I knew I could jump in the car and see her after a drive of a few hours.

I was a very proud “Papa” when I found out she was entering the military. I’m just as proud (even more so) now. We haven’t had a military member in our family since my Dad (our Soldier Girl’s great grandfather) was in the Navy shortly after WWII.

“I’m sure a year will fly by rather quickly.”

I’m sure a year will fly by rather quickly (especially for an old guy like me). They tend to do that anyway. Before we know it, she’ll be on our front doorstep again—flashing that big Zuchelli smile (squinty eyes and all).

With the way social media is these days, there will probably be times when it seems like she never left. Still the reality is stark. She’s halfway around the globe.

In the writings of the Old Testament, there was a similar thing going on. The prophets were telling the Jews that Messiah was coming. He was on the way  12348143_10153738142789631_2818443013103882075_nbut never seemed to arrive. He was far off.

They kept plugging away, reminding everyone that God was faithful to his chosen people. Many of them grew weary as they waited.

Then one day, things got quiet. Deathly quiet. The word stopped coming. No one with the stature of a prophet spoke for God. After Malachi, four hundred years of silence ensued.

Did God change his mind? Was Messiah no longer coming? Why had the Lord abandoned them? What kind of cruel trick was this?

Then the guy we like to call “John the Baptist” showed up. He began announcing the coming Messiah once again. Not only that, he said he was near.

“The Messiah turned out to be his cousin Jesus.”

The Messiah turned out to be his cousin Jesus. Imagine that. He lived, taught, discipled, died, and rose again. Then he left this earth announcing he would be back.

And now, once again, we wait. It’s been almost two thousand years since he told us that. Some believe he’s not coming back. Many of us wait in faith.

12115689_10153787864849444_5455378025120161057_nI fully believe our Soldier Girl is coming home. I have no reason to doubt it. When she gets back, she will be more of a woman than ever (and we might have to quit calling her our little Soldier Girl–maybe).

I also believe Jesus is coming back. I believe he is true to his word. I don’t believe he’s forgotten us. In fact, to this day, he’s as close as a brother. It’s a short ride from there to here. He knows the way.

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