Chapel Declares State of Emergency

DaveShovelingSmith Chapel UMC of Northern Virginia has declared a state of emergency today. We’re not sure if the National Guard will come, but we won’t be there anyway.

Due to the ever accumulating snow, worship for Sunday, January 24, is hereby cancelled. If you want corporate worship tomorrow, you’re on your own (we know, that’s somewhat of an oxymoron).

JeepReadyPastor thinks he can still get there in his Jeep, but also realizes he may be on his own. Everyone else will probably be out shoveling snow.

This brings up a great idea, however. Instead of watching a Law & Order marathon (or some such thing), go to Pulpit and listen to one of the dozens of Pastor Dave’s sermons to be found there. In fact, you could download several of them to your iPod and listen while you’re shoveling. A sermon marathon is almost as good as being there!

JFrozenBeardust a thought…not a sermon (sorry Lon Solomon).

One thought on “Chapel Declares State of Emergency”

  1. Be careful, you could get the Jeep stuck – been watching news on computer and there’s a Jeep stuck in an intersection some where there that the guy helped someone else and then burned out his clutch trying to get unstuck. We have 22″ here at my house and it seems to have stopped for the moment but don’t know that this is the end of it yet. Luckily we have not had wind. Stay safe and warm.

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