Rahab & the Bible’s Red Light District

RahabHow many of you remember the Old Testament character named Rahab? She was an early professional (in what is known as the worlds’ oldest profession). As the story goes, Joshua sent two spies into Jericho to case the Jericho. They ended up staying at the home of Rahab.

The Bible doesn’t say whether Rahab’s home was a cathouse (or as it is also known, a house of ill repute). Chances are, however, it was. It just stands to reason.

The Bible doesn’t mention if the two spies engaged in any seemly activities while they were there, either. I won’t speculate, but I have my suspicions.

The thrust of the story is that Rahab hid the Israelite spies and covered for them. In return, when the Hebrew army took Jericho, she and her household were spared. Her home was marked with a red cord to alert the soldiers which home was hers.

My ancestry is not in question.

When Jericho fell (literally), Rahab and her family were taken in to live with the Israelites. In a New Testament genealogy, she is listed in the family tree of Jesus. I’d say that was quite an honor for a woman of the night.

When God appeared in the flesh, he could have come through any line of people he chose. For some reason, he did it through a prostitute. This gives me great hope.

I’m not sure if there are any such women in my family tree, but if it’s good enough for Jesus, it’s good enough for me.rahab1

But it’s not my ancestry that’s in question. It’s me. I’m no better than Rahab. If she could end up in a position of Biblical distinction, I should have a shot at holding down a spot in God’s Kingdom as well.

The point is the Lord doesn’t seem to be picky. He chose a lot of losers to be a part of his family, his circle of friends, and his followers. In fact, compared to him, we’re all losers (with a capital “L”).

A lot of folks don’t think they’re good enough to be included in God’s Kingdom. They believe they have sinned too much, strayed too far, and fallen off the deep end too often. From what I see in Scripture, that’s just not true.

An inspiration of the other kind.

On the other end of that, there are a lot of folks in the church that seem to agree with them. They consider these “evil doers” to be forever lost. What a crock! How can someone who has been touched by an angel (so to speak) withhold that experience from anyone else? They should be out helping people discover that experience.

Rahab is an inspiration. She was obviously nobody special. Just the opposite is true, in fact. Yet she is now known for her bravery, her discernment, and her willingness to be obedient to the will of the one, true God.

I think I’m going to tie a red cord around the banister on my front porch.  rahab2

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