Sure! Just Jump Right In There!

Yesterday, I was at one of the big box stores. Always a treat… There is a whopper OrganicBeefof a snowstorm predicted for this weekend, so I thought I’d beat the rush and pick up my milk and toilet paper a few days early. Silly me.

The place was packed. As always, people were lost in their own little worlds, blocking aisles, and just generally getting in each other’s way.

To add to the pandemonium, the store had various tasting tables set up here and there. I was avoiding these stations like the plague until this wonderful aroma hit my olfactory nerves. I looked ahead and saw a sign that said, “100% Organic, Grass-fed Beef.” Well… I couldn’t pass that up.

It was beginning to smell like Heaven.

As you might guess, people were jamming around this particular tasting station like an oasis in the desert. I kept telling myself to be patient. Act like the humble Christian you’re supposed to be. Everyone else has just as much a right to these freebies as you.

So I waited in line…patiently. I waited while the people in front of me not only got a sample, but also stayed and grazed for a while. It definitely started getting to me, and I grew a tad irritated. But I kept telling myself to be patient. After all, it’s only 100% organic, grass-fed beef (that was beginning to smell like Heaven itself).grass-fed-beef-eating

Then the gentleman directly in front of me decided he had sated himself and wanted to pull out of the line (thank goodness). But he didn’t merely pull out. He asked me to back my cart up so he could assume the position behind his cart and push it out. He wouldn’t just pull it out from the side. Despite being overly annoyed by his request, I did so at the peril of losing my place in line.

As soon as he vacated his spot, I deftly rushed my cart into his formerly occupied space and grabbed a piece of beef like it was a gold ingot. They were offering five different varieties of sausage, but I didn’t want to follow suit of the people preceding me. So I decided to continue on my way (but not before grabbing the one on the very end which looked particularly delish).

Sure! Just jump right in there!

As I was making my way to said sample (and mind you, this only took a few seconds), a guy appeared out of nowhere, pushed in front of me, and grabbed a piece of beef. By this time I could take no more. I developed a deep need to say something (so I did). “Sure! Just jump right in there!” (One of my best playground taunts…) GrassFed

He immediately retorted, “Sure, just clog up the aisle!” Incensed, I replied, “I’ve been waiting in line for five minutes, man!” I have to say, it felt good.

I immediately thought of the apostle Paul’s words in Romans 7:24. “What a wretched man I am!” Still in need of a Savior after all these years.

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