Bad Tuesday in Brussels: Good Friday Around the Globe

By now, everyone has gotten an earful (as well as an eyeful) of the terrorist attack in Belgium. It’s a tragedy that many feared would happen. There were warnings, but connecting the dots and putting together all the puzzle pieces is rarely easy.

Whenever things like this occur, people are uneasy to the point of being afraid for their own lives. We were on a vacation in Florida when the Belgium attacks took place, and the flight home was a tad less than enjoyable. It was good to touch ground and even better to walk through our front door.the-cross

There are many words to describe such events. The adjective, bad, is possibly the most innocuous among them. Never the less, any event like that one is “bad.”

Interestingly enough, it took place during Holy Week. I doubt that was part of the consideration when the planning was done, but who knows? Holy Week is a mixture of good and bad occurrences including Jesus’ Triumphal Processional, his Passion, and concluding with his Resurrection. For a terrorist attack to be foisted upon us early in the most important week on the Christian calendar almost seems like appropriate timing (if anything like that could actually be considered appropriate).

“In a few short days, they changed their tune.”

During the early part of the original Holy Week, Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey. The crowds were proclaiming him to be King and Messiah. They chanted his name shouting, “Hosanna in the highest!” In a few short days, they changed their tune.

On Thursday evening, Jesus hosted a Seder Supper for his disciples and instituted what many of us call the Sacrament of Holy Communion. He sent his betrayer out to do his worst and told everyone there to remember him after his body was broken and his blood shed for them.

“They didn’t connect the dots…”

Up to that point, he had been telling them he would soon die and rise again. They didn’t connect the dots or accept what he said (at least not in a literal sense). Because of that, they didn’t understand everything when it went down on Good Friday.

It was only after his Resurrection and subsequent appearances that it all finally sunk in. They consequently understood what he had been trying to tell them all along. They were set free from the consequences of their sin because of the sacrifice of their mentor who turned out to be God in the flesh.

emptytombBecause of his actions and completed work on the ross, Jesus neutralized the types of deeds perpetrated on us by the Belgium terrorists. It’s not that the loss of life and limb are any less real or horrific. It is rather that, in the grand scheme of things, we have been given ultimate victory over such evils.

Bad Tuesdays like the one we just lived through will always give way to Good Friday. The cross is the final death blow to any evil that may surround us. In light of his Resurrection, together we can shout, “Hosanna in the highest!”


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