Small Graces: The Little Things

pennyBack in 589 AD (as he lay dying), St. David of Wales said to his fellow monks, “Be joyful, keep the faith and do the little things.” I’ve heard it said that God is in the little things. I’m quite sure that’s true. I believe he’s in everything—big, small, and in between.

One of my favorite songwriters is a fellow by the name of Bob Bennett. He has a song (in fact an album) entitled Small Graces. The song is about the little moments in life that turn out to have a miraculous feel to them. It’s amazing how many of those there are in a day when we take the time to notice.

It wasn’t an earth-shattering miracle.

One day I was walking up the steps to the gym. For some reason, I glanced down just in time to notice a wad of chewed up bubble gum before I tramped on it. It seems like such a small thing. Yet for some reason, I stopped, picked up the wad, threw it into the trash and thanked the Lord for sparing me the ugliness of having to clean all that gum off my shoe.

That’s certainly not an earth-shattering miracle. Nonetheless, it wsmall coneas important to me at the time. Looking back, it seems obviously insignificant. Still, it mattered when it happened.

We are entering a time the church has labeled, “Holy Week.” It’s a week of large graces and the biggest miracle of all. The death and resurrection of our Lord cannot be surpassed in terms of importance. Without it, we are less than nothing.

Yet, we can often go through an entire day without thinking of the Easter miracle or the Passion of the Christ. We can quickly forget who we are in Jesus. We can drift off course due to the enormity of it. After all, we’re so small. How do we fit that magnificent event into our little lives?

Small graces are little signposts to remind us.

We can, of course, but we often allow it to settle into the catacombs of our minds. Sometimes it’s just too hard to think about. As people like to say these days, we can’t seem to wrap our heads around it.

That’s where, I believe, the small graces come into play. That’s where the little things begin to pop up. They seem to be little signposts along the way to remind us of what and who we are in Christ. They’re almost like guardrails along the highway of life keeping us on the straight and narrow.

small-dogIf you find a quarter on the sidewalk or experience a genuine smile from a stranger, it’s not something to be lightly dismissed. Life is too precious for us to fritter it away merely looking for the big things.

Jesus lived in a time when there was no TV, no major sporting events for the common folk, or no big purchase to hope for down the line. How did they do it? I think they got by on the small graces. Look for yours this week.

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