Sound the Trump: Revelations of the October Kind

I usually try to stay away from political topics unless they somehow feed into the general life of the church. It’s not that the church is apolitical. It’s just that, as a pastor, I try not to enter that fray unless necessary. This time, however, I just can’t help myself.

A few days ago, someone “leaked” an old recording of Donald Trump making lewd statements. Like we needed more ammunition against either of these candidates. Everyone already seems to be sickened by this election cycle. So now, we’re going to empty the circular files of any garbage we can find.

tim-hartmans-trumpRegardless of the fact that this recording was done eleven years ago, all these October revelations seem pretty lame to me. It’s not that what The Donald said wasn’t “deplorable” (see what I did there?). It’s that half the country is acting shocked and surprised.

Who in the world has been walking around under the imbecilic delusion that Trump is a highly moral Boy Scout? Does this disclosure suddenly open our eyes to the reality that politics and politicians are slimy? Please…

“It’s just sex…”

On top of that, many of the people screaming bloody murder are the same ones who gave Bill Clinton a pass when he was involved in all his dalliances. Remember that? “It’s just sex. Someone’s private life has nothing to do with their performance in office.” As a friend of mine used to say, “Horse puckey!”

I don’t doubt that we have a few Hillary surprises in store as well. We really don’t need any more. We already have a pretty good record of the despicable things she’s said and done in the past.

So, we have two candidates who are despised by millions for various reasons. We have plenty of videos and news clippings to remind us of their past foibles. Any new revelations are virtuously superfluous. I suspect most of us have already made up our minds anyway.


The facts are these. We have two candidates whose records and statements are (shall we say) less than immaculate. If we’re going to attempt to elect one of them on the basis of his or her stellar reputation, good luck with that one. They both appear to be narcissistic loudmouths. Who wants that for the next four years?

“We’re going to be stuck with one of them.”

So, if we can’t go by reputations and personalities, we only have one thing left. We’ll have to vote according to their respective platforms (if we can figure out what they are). You may hate Hillary and Donald, as most people seem to do. But let’s face it; we’re going to be stuck with one of them.

I think we’re going to have to set aside their personae (if that’s possible) and elect the one we think will actually do what we’d like to see done (assuming we can place enough trust in one of them to do that).

It seems to be coming down to a roll of the dice. I just hope it isn’t snake eyes.

[Dave Zuchelli is a graduate of Pittsburgh Theological Seminary and is currently pastor of Smith Chapel in Great Falls, VA.]

2 thoughts on “Sound the Trump: Revelations of the October Kind”

  1. Form my point of view, I would favor the candidate that would be most favorable to promoting religious freedom, be somewhat pro-life and appoint Judges to the courts that would follow the constitution. I think that only leaves One Choice.

    1. The first three rules of real estate are location, location, location. The first three of Biblical interpretation are context, context, context. In presidential elections, it should be platform, platform, platform. I think you’ve nailed it, Jim.

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