He Called Me “Thumper”

I was approached by another author with the idea of submitting some of my work to a website dedicated primarily to authors. I wasn’t sure how that would work since most of my stuff has a definite spiritual bent to it. After thinking about it, I decided it was worth a try.

The first thing I noticed about this particular site was most of the posts are totally political. Then I noticed the authors, instead of supporting one another, ripped each other to shreds. I originally had supposed this was due to the political nature of the site. If anyone took a political stance, they were ripped apart by the opposition. Since I seldom take any kind of political stance (at least publically), I figured I was in the clear. This is when I discovered my new middle name—Dave Naïve Zuchelli.

Am I a One-Note-Johnny?

I published a few of my blogs on the site and got ripped for writing about spiritual subjects. One guy jumped on and asked me why I only submit articles that centered on faith. He explained that he was Jewish and never submitted articles about his particular faith journey. Another person jumped in to tell him off and encourage me to write about whatever my passion directed me to explore. I found the former’s remarks to be a bit curious since he only wrote about politics. If I was a one-note-Johnny, so was he.

After a long hiatus from that site, I recently wrote a blog that had no direct spiritual tie-in. It was about Bill Nye the Science Guy and entitled Having Extra Kids. It was a totally secular piece, although it’s topic touched upon ethical, moral, and political subjects. After I had written it, I realized it might be an item that would fit in with the motif of the above-mentioned site.

“I made one critical error.”

So, I looked up the site once again and submitted the article. I made one critical error, however. I included my mini-bio at the end (see the bottom of this blog). The article sparked a little conversation, but one guy just couldn’t get past the fact that I was, shall we say, a man of the cloth. He had nothing to say about the subject of the article (except to say it was “useless”). His only real comment was about who I am.

Here’s what he said: “Another useless ‘article’ by yet another thumper. Yawn. Yuuuge.” There’s nothing like a little constructive criticism, is there?

When I first read that he called me “Thumper,” I thought of Bambi’s little rabbit friend. Then I quickly realized he meant “Bible Thumper.” It actually made me smile. I can’t remember ever being called that before, and I kind of liked it. I answered his little quip with a reply that basically thanked him for the new nickname.

I have to tell you, I’m really tempted to incorporate that nickname into my writings somehow. If any of you want to start calling me, “Thumper,” I’m down with that.

[Dave Zuchelli is a graduate of Pittsburgh Theological Seminary and is currently the pastor of Smith Chapel, in Great Falls, VA.]

2 thoughts on “He Called Me “Thumper””

  1. Dear Thumper (Dave),
    Thank you for your always wonderful sense of spirituality and deep sense humor.
    It never fails to astonish me when people choose to attack from the position of ignorance and close-mindedness (maybe not a real word but you get it). It would seem to me that it would be useful to read and contemplate what I’ve read – either agreeing or disagreeing but giving it thought anyway.
    You just keep on thumping – as a co-thumper and woman of the cloth, I have always felt it was my privilege to plant seeds. God takes it from there – unless of course, they are those people who only goes by what my title is – and not what I’ve said and completely miss the point. LOLOLOL!!!!

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