Can I Be an Instagram Star?

I was doing research for one of my E-Letters when I ran across a term I had never seen before. Did you ever hear of a YouTube Star? I hadn’t, but then I’m as old and out-of-the-loop as they come.

I have always assumed media stars were limited to TV, radio, and print. Well… You know what they say occurs when one assumes. It’s occurred once again.

Apparently, there are at least a few people who’ve hit the limelight via YouTube. (By the way—In case you haven’t discovered YouTube as yet, my advice to you is not go there. It’s one of those places on the Internet that will consume hours of your time before you know it.) These “stars” have hit the big-time without the benefit of the usual hype and celebrity channels.

“I’m obviously missing the boat…”

The whole idea piqued my interest, so I checked it out. As it turns out, there are not only YouTube Stars; there are Instagram Stars as well. Who knew? Not only are these people gaining fans, they’re making money—in some cases, beau coup bucks. I read where one gal has racked up $12 million in earnings. I’m obviously missing the boat somewhere.

It’s like anything else, however. If you check these stars out, you’ll note a common theme. They have some sort of attraction—usually talent. If it’s not talent, it’s an adorable cuteness that just can’t be disregarded.

Still, some of the flair is not your normal, run-of-the-mill, American Idol stuff. One of these entrepreneurs takes a camera on shopping trips. Then she comes back home, unpacks, and talks about what she’s purchased. It’s not what I call entertainment (or even important info), but somebody likes it. She’s making a mint.

If there are YouTube Stars and Instagram Stars, I suppose there are Snapchat Stars and Twitter Stars as well. Where social media is concerned, the sky has to be the limit. In other words, there’s no limit at all.

“Socialism is creeping into everything…”

They (whoever “they” are) like to say that we each get fifteen minutes of fame (or is that ten?). However long it is, I think someone else is using mine up. I really hate the way all this socialism is creeping into everything. Now it’s horning in on my time of fame.

As I delved into this new phenomenon, it occurred to me that I had established a YouTube channel of my own a few years ago. I did it when my first book, The Last Wedding, was published. I posted the grand total of one video to briefly explain what the book was all about. Then I promptly forgot I had done it.

I just went back to watch it. A brief analysis reveals that I am neither adorably cute nor talented. I suppose this means I will never be a YouTube Star. That bums me out. I could really use that $12 million.

Excuse me while I go make another video. Maybe I can incorporate my baby granddaughter this time.

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