Asleep at the Wheel: The Class of ’67

I’ve become one of those old guys I used to laugh at. You know—the ones who always fell asleep in front of the TV set. Now, that’s me. Oh, the humanity!

By the time this hits the blogosphere, I will be wending my way back home from Ridgway High’s Class of ’67 celebration. It’s now fifty years since we’ve graduated. Unbelievable!

It was only yesterday that I could stay up and watch Johnny Carson (anyone remember him?). These days, I can barely make it through the ninth inning of the Pirate game—especially the way they’re playing. But let’s not talk about that.

“Fifty years seemed like an eternity…”

Fifty years used to seem like such a long time. Now, it’s just a long time ago. When I graduated, fifty years seemed like an eternity. Now, it would be nice to think I had fifty years left. On second thought, I’m not sure I’d want to live to be 117. The pot gut and arthritis would be killers by then—they’re bad enough now.

Since this has been written prior to the celebration, I’m assuming we all had a good time. If there ever was any bad blood among us in our adolescence, I suspect it’s all been forgotten by now. Hopefully, only the good memories will remain to discuss. I suppose we’ll make up a few as well.

I just peeked a glance at the schedule of events for the celebratory weekend. Whoever planned this baby out was definitely on their game. The reunion banquet begins with a happy hour from five to six o’clock. Smart… Most of us will be ready for bed by nine.

“A few old Beatle tunes…”

After the happy hour, there will be a buffet, a program, and a DJ. I suppose a DJ is a necessary evil, but I’m guessing most of us would rather just talk to each other. Dancing to (or yelling above) music will not be a priority. It will definitely give my hearing aids a workout. I suppose some of us will bail (just to have a little peace and quiet). I hope the DJ has at least a few old Beatle tunes in the repertoire (anyone remember them?).

The program should prove to be interesting. I’ve been asked to be the designated clergy (translation: say a quick prayer, sit down, and shut up). Anyone who knew me in 1967 will be shocked to see that I’m the one standing up to pray. I’m a little shocked myself. Things were a bit different fifty years ago. I guess I sort of believed in Jesus back then, but public prayer was definitely not my favorite pastime.

This is not my first go around, though. I once attended my lovely Bride’s class reunion and was asked to give the opening prayer at that event. No one knew who I was, so there was no snickering during the prayer. I’m not so sure that will be the case where my past has been well documented. At least it will keep me awake.

[Dave Zuchelli is a graduate of Pittsburgh Theological Seminary and is currently pastor of Smith Chapel in Great Falls, VA.]

2 thoughts on “Asleep at the Wheel: The Class of ’67”

  1. “The Committee” was so happy to have your class celebrate during our Alumni weekend. This sort of celebration was a brand new concept for the Alumni Assoc. We felt we needed to provide more than just a banquet, so we included all of the activities in conjunction with the 2017 RHS Homecoming. We considered all suggestions made in previous years and many had suggested a DJ, so we tried that. We have realized that we need to attract younger alumni and are hoping that the expanded activities and good times had by all will do that. Hats off to the Ridgway District, especially for all the help on Friday and , again, to the class of ’67 for keeping the party lively!!!

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