Let Me Count the Waze

I’m guessing many of you are familiar with the travel app, Waze. If you have a smartphone, you may have already downloaded it. It’s one of the few technological wonders I swear by.

This thing is amazing. It not only tells you where to go (in a nice way), it gets you there on time. It accounts for traffic back-ups, re-routes you around accidents, and lets you know when there’s a friendly neighborhood gendarme nearby.

Once, I was going to perform a wedding located down I-95 from where I live. If you’ve never traversed that route, you know it can be less than friendly to the casual traveler. It’s fraught with all sorts of commuter maladies.

I fully expected to spend a little time on that hi-way, but it was more of a mess than usual. I was totally doomed. There was no way I was getting to this ceremony on time. It’s one thing being a late guest, but being a tardy officiant is unacceptable.

I had grave reservations…

Not to worry. My trusty Waze came to the rescue. It took me on the proverbial scenic route. I saw roads, farms, and views I’d never dreamed of prior to this trip. It even took me into a local neighborhood that I had grave reservations about navigating, but it dumped me out on the other side without a problem.

Since I have a terrible sense of direction (and can easily lose track of time), this app is a lifesaver. It’s bailed me out time and time again. For me, it’s become akin to the American Express Card. I never leave home without it. I’m starting to wonder how I ever survived before I possessed such an innovation.

Usually, at this point in many of my blogs, I relate my subject to something spiritual. If you were to take a guess, you might say, “Okay. He’s going to compare Waze to the Bible.” That would be a good guess considering the fact that a lot of folks call the Bible the “Road Map of Life.” In fact, I was intending to do just that.

Then I began to think about it. Waze is very much unlike Scripture. Waze always figures out the shortest way—the way that’s the least painful—the way that is the path of least resistance. Scripture is not like that at all.

Many times, the spiritual journey we’re on takes the long way around. It can often be wrought with pain (or, at least, discomfort). And I’d have to say, we meet a considerable amount of resistance along the way.

Is the Bible a Road Map?

The Bible can certainly be our roadmap. Still, it’s not going to be as efficient as Waze. It’s not always going to get me there on time—at least not by MY time. I will say, however, it always gets me there in God’s time.

I wonder if the Lord would consider sending us a new app? (Sorry, Lord. Just kidding… I like the old one just fine.)

[Dave Zuchelli is a graduate of Pittsburgh Theological Seminary and is currently pastor of Smith Chapel in Great Falls, VA.]


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