Hey! Are You Famous?

I’m not sure if I’m alone in this, but when I walk through airports, I look for people I know. I’ve been doing it for years, but I’ve yet to spot a friend’s face. What are the chances anyway?

Interestingly enough, I have spotted a famous person or two on rare occasions, but they weren’t interested in speaking with me. Imagine that.

Some Young Guy

On the other end of that spectrum, I’ve been approached a couple of times by people who thought I was someone else. I guess I’m not the only one eager to see someone I’d recognize. One young guy came up to me and asked if I played guitar. I told him I knew a few chords only to discover that he thought I was the bassist for a famous rock band. I forget which band it was, now, but I didn’t have the heart to lie to him. Looking back on it, I suppose I could have made his day if I had done so.

What might be even weirder than looking for a familiar face, there are times I actually expect to run across an acquaintance. Don’t ask me why. I just do. Looking and expecting are two entirely different things in this scenario. One’s a hobby, the other is a tad insane. I suppose it’s good that this has never actually happened. I would undoubtedly miss my connecting flight. Rushing through airports doesn’t give one much time to catch up.

Expecting someone to pop up in this crowded world is a little unusual, I suppose. Still, a lot of us are expecting Jesus to show up one of these days. To those who aren’t, I’m sure we seem more than a bit foolish. After all, we’ve been talking about this for almost two thousand years now.

My Young Psyche

I remember when I first heard someone say that Jesus was coming back. It rocked my world. I was twenty years old and figured I’d make my peace with God somewhere along the way. I was young and had plenty of time. Hearing that his return could be imminent was a shocker. What if he showed up when I wasn’t ready? This posed a whole new dilemma for my young psyche. I can tell you this. That little tidbit of info caused me to begin taking life a smidge more seriously from that point on. I suppose that’s one reason he never told us when the Second Coming would actually occur. It keeps us on our toes.

To be honest with you, the more deeply I live in Christ, the more closely I follow him, the less I time I spend thinking about his return. The way I figure it, he’s given me a few things to take care of, so I should concentrate on the tasks before me. He’ll come when he’s good and ready, and nothing I do or say will change that.

I definitely expect to see him someday. It probably won’t be in an airport, though.

[Dave Zuchelli is a graduate of Pittsburgh Theological Seminary and currently resides in Aldie, VA.]

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