MAGA Mania

This morning was a lot like other mornings. I woke up, got dressed, made myself a cup of coffee, and checked the news. The news was similar to other mornings as well. Another person wearing a red, Make-America-Great-Again, baseball cap was assaulted. This incident was a tad different than most, however.

The latest victim of those-who-hate-all-things-Trump is eighty-one years old. Up until now, it seems the assaulted ones have been teenagers, middle-aged white guys, and peaceful bystanders. Since I don’t fit into any of those categories, I’ve been able to view these things passively from a distance.

I’m Getting Edgy

Today, however, is a different day. The eighty-one year old guy thing is beginning to hit a bit close to home. I’m not eighty-one yet, but I’m definitely pointed in that direction. I’m past middle-aged and am heading down the home stretch. This whole MAGA mania thing is starting to make me a tad nervous.

It’s not that I own a MAGA cap. I don’t have one, nor do I desire to obtain one. Still, there are days I feel like donning such headgear just to get a rise out of a few people. I probably won’t for a few reasons. Number one, I value my health (what there is left of it). Number two, red just isn’t my color. It clashes with my bloodshot eyes. If they ever come out with a blue or black one, I might consider it—but even that is highly unlikely.

I’m just not that political. For me, politics is a spectator sport. I never played football, but I enjoy watching it. I’ll never enter politics, but I get a kick out of the blood sport it’s become. It makes for great entertainment (or at least it would if the consequences weren’t so serious).

Living in the Shadows

Alongside the story of the elderly gentleman getting roughed up, there was a report of a gal getting deported by ICE for doing something similar to a MAGA cap wearer in a restaurant. So much for living in the shadows… I’m pretty sure, if I did something illegal, I’d lay low for a while. I guess the political tension got to be a tad more than she could handle.

It’s probably only a matter of time before congress steps in and enacts legislation that bans all red caps. That’s how they usually handle such things. Overkill is the word of the day. That, of course, would prove to be a problem for the World Series Champions (the Boston Red Sox)—not to mention the St. Louis Cardinals, the Philadelphia Phillies, and the Cincinnati Reds.

I don’t mean to make light of all this (well, yes, I guess I do), but it seems to me that people are getting weirder than ever—or at least, more sensitive. It’s affecting me, too. I saw a guy in a blank baseball cap the other day (no slogan, no logo). I felt like going over and punching him as I shouted, “Don’t you stand for anything?!” (1 John 3:16-18)

[Dave Zuchelli is a graduate of Pittsburgh Theological Seminary and currently resides in Aldie, VA.]

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