Women in White

I dislike things like the annual State of the Union Address. They turn me off because of two things. 1) When the President says something I don’t like, it makes me angry. 2) When he says something I like, but a bunch of folks (congress people) sit on their hands instead of, at least, offering polite applause, it burns me up. Rather than get heartburn, I just forgo the entire thing. Besides, everyone and her sister continue to give it wall-to-wall coverage over the following days and weeks. I see and hear enough clips to know what was said.

In this year’s follow-up to the SOTU (using those letters makes me cool), I noticed that many folks were wearing white. I later discovered that it was the Democratic congresswomen who were regaled in such manner. I had to Google it to find out the deal on that one. As it turns out, their white outfits were a stab at solidarity and identifying with each other (in opposition to the President, I believe).

Being an ex U.S. History major, I found that whole thing to be a bit ironic. It was particularly so because they were calling them “white suffragette” suits. This, of course, dates back to the time in the early twentieth century when women were demonstrating for the right to vote. The ironic thing about it is the fact that, back in the 1900s, the suffragettes were Republicans.


This now puts the Democratic politicians (at least the female ones) in solidarity with women of all stripes (something they don’t always aspire to do). I applaud them for this, and hope they keep up the unifying trend. I won’t hold my breath, however.

As a humorous sidelight to all of this, I heard a radio commentator say something that actually made me laugh out loud as I was driving down the highway. He flippantly observed that the last time we saw so many Democrats in white was at a KKK meeting. I’m sure we all have history we’d rather forget, but I couldn’t help myself and chuckled anyway. I suppose the congresswomen had neither of these objectives in mind, but I suspect they never gave any of it much thought.

Can’t Tell the Donkeys from the Elephants

Of course, the Party of Lincoln doesn’t have all that much to brag about these days either. It’s often quite difficult to tell the Donkeys apart from the Elephants. They pretty much act the same and do what they can to give the electorate as many ulcers as possible. Maybe this is their way of promoting medical advancements in our country. The more ulcers, the better chance for a cure…

When Jesus burst on to the scene in His public ministry, His first words were, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near” (Matthew 4:17). He was announcing a different kind of kingdom than anyone else had ever promoted. Maybe we should all wear white and promote His kingdom. It has to be better than the one we’ve got.

[Dave Zuchelli is a graduate of Pittsburgh Theological Seminary and currently resides in Aldie, VA.]

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