Uncle Joe

Recently, former Vice President Joe Biden has gotten nailed with a new twist of the #MeToo movement. Women have been coming out of the woodwork to point out his wrongdoings. The new twist is that it’s no longer about sexual harassment. It’s about invading someone’s private space.

The most recent allegations are from women who are not only going out of their way to accuse him but are also going the extra mile by saying his offenses were in no way sexual. Uncle Joe, as he is fondly known by our illustrious media, did some inappropriate touching but in a very non-sexual way. Okay…

Google It

The funny thing about all this is the fact that this is not news—at least, not new news. If you do a Google search using the words, “creepy uncle Joe,” you’ll find all sorts of images of Mr. Biden doing the kinds of things for which he is now being excoriated. He has come to be known for this sort of activity over the years. Up to now, very little has been made of it (except for the occasional person who labels his actions “creepy”).

I’ve never been a fan of Uncle Joe, but I have to say I feel a tad sorry for him now. The reason I feel for him is simply that someone changed the rules while he wasn’t looking. Maybe he should have been more aware, but he wasn’t. Either that or he didn’t think the rules applied to him.

Either way, the women who felt like he did creepy, non-sexual things to them are also saying they would still vote for him. I guess that shouldn’t be too surprising considering the fact that a lot of people voted for President Trump despite knowing his reported dalliances as well. This says something about us as Americans, but I’m not exactly sure what that something happens to be.

Love Covers a Mulititude of Sins

Apparently, we put our politics above just about everything else. We seem more concerned as to whether a candidate or office holder has a D or an R in front of their name. If they’re sporting the correct letter (depending on our particular viewpoint), all is forgiven. After all, even Scripture tells us “love covers a multitude of sins.” My, how Biblical we can be if it suits us.

On a related note, I went for the annual checkup at my urologist (well, when you get to be my age, this is a thing). For those of you who might be concerned, everything went all right. Well, everything except for the way I was treated. The receptionist kept calling me “Sweetheart” and “Honey.”

At the time, I played along and assumed she was just being her sugary, southern self—good customer service and all that. Now, however, seeing what’s happening to Joe Biden, I’m not so sure I should ever go back to that office. I should probably report her to the P.C. Police. I’m pretty sure she invaded the private space in my head.

[Dave Zuchelli is a graduate of Pittsburgh Theological Seminary and currently resides in Aldie, VA.]

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